Executive Message

Rev. Iftikhar Indryas

Chairman NCSS

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world. Without education, our children can never face challenges in life. They can never explore the existence of God and His glory. Without education, our generation can never discover God ‘purpose in their lives. They cannot take steps to achieve biblical sanctification.

We are committed to building people rather than buildings. I dream of a generation which is holistically rich. The generation which is equipped with qualities of life. I dream a generation which is excelled in physical, social, spiritual and intellectual areas of life.

We are committed to bringing change because we know that fact that there is nothing permanent except change. We are committed to transforming lives. Transformations in world and life happen when people join hands and start investing in other people. We need spiritual, intellectual, moral and financial support to take this “Game Changer” vision to next level. This project if for all nations, without any discrimination of religion, creed or community. God be with us.

Rev. Iftikhar Indryas

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6